Ethiopia Shakiso Guji

Ethiopia Shakiso Guji

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We Taste: Mango - Apple - Chocolate


Farmer: Kayon Mountain Farm

Region: Shakiso

Variety: Heriloom

Altitude: 1900-2200 masl

Process: Natural

Roasted by: Ryan


Disclaimer: All coffee is roasted fresh to order.  Please allow 1-3 days (depending on roasting schedule) for your coffee to be roasted and shipped.

The Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm is located around 300 miles south of Addis Ababa, in the Guji zone of the Shakiso district of Ethiopia. The farm is owned and operated by Ismel Hassen and his family since 2012, about 300 of their 500 hectares are planted in coffee. The farm competes with a nearby mining village for seasonal workers, so Ismel and his family tend to pay higher wages to their pickers in order to incentivize them returning year after year. This natural lot is produced on the Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm property.

This Small Batch is packed full of fruit with Mango, apple, and red grape highlights. The cup is generally sweet with tart fruit acidity and we experienced a smooth mouthfeel.