Small Batch Coffee Club 2021

Small Batch Coffee Club 2021

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The Small Batch Coffee Club is a one year club (starting in September) that includes:

  • One 12 oz. bag of freshly roasted coffee, delivered monthly, in an exclusive club bag -- option to purchase a second 12oz. bag
  • 8 oz. canister of premium small batch roasted coffee, delivered monthly
  • New 2021 LINDEN X TWO mug
  • New 2021 Small Batch Club shirt, to show off your love of coffee
  • 10% discount code to use on all other coffee purchases for the year
  • Probably a few more surprises that we don't even know about yet
  • All shipping included in price
  • Coffee subscription ships the 15th of each month (September 2021-August 2022)

Yes, it's true, all of LINDEN x TWO coffee is roasted in small batches and this club is about celebrating just that. We created the Small Batch Coffee Club to keep in touch with our roots, and most importantly to let you test some of the higher quality coffee varietals (think Geisha, Pacamara, SL28/34) in smaller portions at a reasonable price point. The 2020 Small Batch Club included some very special coffee though out the year, from Yemen Haraaz Fresh AA, Costa Rica Geisha, DR Congo, just to name a few.  We already have some special coffees picked out for the 2021 Club, and we can't wait to share.  We've been known to fly by the seat of our pants at times, so we absolutely expect there to be a few extra surprises in store.  Get ready, 2021 is going to a wild ride for your coffee taste buds.


**Sorry, no discounts can be applied to this club**